Title :

<title> This will be displayed in the title bar of your Browser. </title>

Meta tags:

<meta name=”title” content=”Whatever you type in here will be displayed on search engines.”>

<title> is a required element on any HTML page to be valid markup, and will be what is displayed as the page title in your browser’s tab/window title.

For instance, try inputting the following markup into the W3C Markup Validator (via “Direct Input”):

<!DOCTYPE html>

This will produce an error that there is no instance of <title> in <head>.

The <meta name="title" content="page-title"> element is just that — metadata about your page, that any client browser or web crawler can use or not use as it wants. Whether it is used or not will depend on the crawler/client in question, as none of them are required to look for or not look for it.

So in short, you should have a <title> element if you want valid markup.

The <meta> tag is going to depend on whether you want to provide for crawlers/clients, and you’d probably have to check documentation for if a particular crawler uses it.

Thanks 🙂